Our Job as Designers:
Making Things Work

Analysis, creation, storytelling, graphic design, prototyping, programming: Working at the intersection of all of these disciplines, our definition of ‘design’ goes beyond visuals and beyond usability. To an interplay of creative and technical expertise at the highest level. To a full spectrum of digital tools used to solve the problem at hand.

Expertise that’s greater than the sum of its disciplines creates products greater than the sum of individual features.

To us, design means:
Making things work

We see ourselves as a sparring partner for leaders. At the end of every collaborative project, we have a well thought out product, a functioning prototype, a concept that can be implemented immediately – and a concrete solution, always.

Your contact partners:
The Illustree Management

David Höller

Co-Founder & Managing Director

David Höller, co-founder and CEO of the design studio ILLUSTREE Great User Experiences, is one of the leading user experience designers in the German-speaking world.

He is responsible for digital products and services that effectively propel his clients’ businesses forward. Since 1999, ILLUSTREE has been delivering user experience design and product design for clients such as Deutsche Bahn (German Railway Company), ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), A1 Telekom Austria, City of Vienna, iSi, Global Blue, Becton Dickinson and the European Patent Office.

David is regarded as a thought leader and innovator in the field of user experience design. He lectures at the University of Applied Sciences FH Upper Austria in Hagenberg and gives talks about user experience, product design and design-driven innovation.

David Höller draws inspiration from his passion for relevant literature, music and travel.

As designers, we are
creative problem solvers.
The quality and precision of the
solution is what counts,
not the artistry in our sketches.
David Höller

Keqiao Xu

Team & User Experience Lead

In the Illustree team Keqiao Xu is the head of the design team and thus bears the main responsibility for user experience design.

Simplicity to me means
to work oneself
through the depths
to the core of the complexity –
to actually penetrate it.
Keqiao Xu

The experienced product and project manager has devoted his most recent efforts to the concept and functionality of the new digital touchpoints created for ÖBB (Austrian Rail).

Before he was recruited by Illustree in 2013, Keqiao Xu worked as a product manager for A1 Telekom Austria AG. Being responsible for the development of new digital services, he made “Mein A1” the most frequently used A1-app.

Thomas Pfaller

Founder & Concept Director

At Illustree Thomas Pfaller is responsible for conception and strategic planning. After gaining experience in the fields of digital media, database design and software architecture (amongst others with OPS, Vienna) he founded Illustree together with David Höller in 1999.

It is important to us
that everything
about our concepts
is immediately plausible.
Thomas Pfaller

From 2003 to 2013 Thomas Pfaller taught Multimedia Development as part of the Information Design course at the Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences in Graz.

Much like David, rock bassist Thomas devotes a substantial portion of his leisure time to music. His adoration of Frank Zappa goes to the extent that his son Mika even shares his birthday with old master Zappa.