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A selection of case studies.

Illustree for ÖBB

Digital Transformation:
Relaunch of all digital travelling services

We have reconceived all digital touchpoints involved when travelling with ÖBB, resulting in a comprehensive product family. A product family which in turn allows for a gratifying, contemporary service experience as well as a newly defined travelling feeling … more

Illustree for ÖBB

How pure information introduces a new style on the train

Information Design for a new travelling atmosphere. We have developed screens to keep passengers well-informed about their journey and to enhance the interior styling with sleek elegance … more

Illustree for Superfund

How we bring new customers to the financial sector

For Superfund we have developed and designed a number of interactive touchpoints, multitouch-solutions and kiosks. With the Portfolio-Simulator users playfully explore the essential dynamics in the complex investment business - and are invited to actively participate … more

Illustree for A1

How service design generates trust
and boosts sales

An app that improves service and reduces costs — in just a few short months, the “Mein A1” app became one of the leading sales channels of A1, Austria’s largest mobile communications provider … more

Illustree for ÖBB

The ÖBB App:
Carrying the whole of Austria in your pocket

Timetable, ticketing and digital travelling companion: With the ÖBB app customers can plan and book their trips as quickly and effortlessly as never before … more

Illustree for ORF

Rulebook video for TV-Show audiences

We didn't know ourselves, how much the audience is actually not allowed to do in a TV-studio. For the ORF we turned a list of rigid rules into contemporary service design … more

Illustree for CAT

Bringing the City Airport Train
to its customers

Branding, information and sales all in one: Even a basic website can cover the entire customer journey. Especially if it works like an app … more

ÖBB Verbundintegration desktop version ÖBB Verbundintegration android version ÖBB Verbundintegration iOS version
Illustree for ÖBB

How we simplify the Ticketing by smart App & Web Design

The ÖBB ticketshop is Austria's largest booking portal. We have designed a new version, a relaunch, in order to make bookings even faster, the payment process simpler and to extend the product range … more

Illustree for CTBTO

Making learning a pleasure:
Interactive e-learning experiences

How to train atomic weapons inspectors online. How can you make online training so appealing that busy UN diplomats, doctors, and pilots get enthusiastic about learning? And measured progress goes through the roof? … more

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