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We have reconceived all digital touchpoints involved when travelling with ÖBB, resulting in a comprehensive product family. A product family which in turn allows for a gratifying, contemporary service experience as well as a newly defined travelling feeling.

The task

People should benefit from the digital transformation.

Everything fits together. ÖBB's digital travelling services are already central touchpoints between the company and its customers. And their significance will suceedingly grow. Our task: A well-devised and courageous concept that provides stable foundations for all current as well as future digital services.

ticket purchase in only 5 seconds

The aims were:

  • The innovation of all digital touchpoints before and during the journey.
  • ÖBB's consistent and service-oriented presence.
  • A convincing positioning of the services. Each product should be a clear benefit for the travellers.
  • A service design in new quality, meaning most of all: showing great regard for ÖBB-customers, offering them a simplified Information Design and a new tone in communication.
Our approach

Simple and beautiful:
Mobility as a new concept.

From the website to the infoscreen on the train. The result is new digital touchpoints, that speak a common language, offer up-to-date services and consistently focus on the customer.

The solution

Experiencing confidence service.
For a new trust in ÖBB.

Providing customer experience: A consistent service-experience that sees 650.000 passengers through their daily travels in Austria.

Many different Touchpoints - one Look & Feel

Many different Touchpoints - one Look & Feel. Whoever knows the ÖBB app, will immediately feel at home when operating the new ticketing machines - much like the info-screens on board the trains themselves. No matter where they get into contact with ÖBB, passengers will intuitively experience a consistent service by ÖBB.

This creates a familiarity with the service provider ÖBB and a confidence in the new technologies - everything comes from a single source and is harmoniously coordinated.

ÖBB Touchpoints ÖBB Touchpoints ÖBB Touchpoints
Customer Opinions

Our customers about us.

Illustree delivered a visionary and very convincing concept as to how all the ÖBB-screens may develop within the next five years: Clear positioning, relevant contents, simplicity for our customers. And importantly: It looks stunningly good, this new digital image of the ÖBB.
Portrait of David Höller Georg Lauber Member of the board of directors ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

The result

A longterm concept.
Five specific products.

“Readily available”. The strength of every visionary concept can be judged by the tangible results it produces in the here and now. In our case: the five products we have as yet developed for ÖBB - and which are already going to both simplify and embellish the lives of ÖBB-customers in 2016:

The ÖBB App

Timetable, ticketing and a digital travelling companion - for public transport throughout Austria. The ÖBB app enables customers to book their travels as quickly and effortlessly as never before.

The ÖBB App

Infoscreens on the Train

It does not necessarily need a smartphone to remain fully informed enroute. The newly designed screens on the train provide the travellers with all the relevant information. This is especially helpful in the event of delays or short changing times.

Infoscreens on the Train

The Ticketing Machines

Clear and reduced in design: The new ticketing screens can be easily and intuitively used. They follow the design of the ÖBB App. For queries there is a helpful service-hotline available.

öbb ticketing machine


Friendly and modern: Timetable queries and ticketing in a new design. Tickets bought in the browser can later be produced on the mobile phone-display on board the train. Furthemore positions itself as the ÖBB online-platform for travelling inspiration and customer service.

Mac Book Website

Onboard Portal

On all trains with WiFi and for all mobile devices: Comprehensive live-information with all you need to know about the journey, the train and the route.

Onboard Portal

International awarded.

Gold Award
from International Institute
for Information Design
IIIDaward IIIDaward 2017 Category Traffic and Public Transports

ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

Overall Lead
David Höller

UX & Concept Lead
Keqiao Xu • Thomas Pfaller • Mike Fuisz

Project Management
Jan Amann • Paul Sommersguter • Christina Kerschner • Birgit Taucher

UX Concept & Design
Jan Amann • Paul Sommersguter • Günther Feldbaumer • Valeria Forlani • Gergö Balla • Barbora Maresova • Alexandra Pexider • Armin Wagner • Thomas Berger • Phil Samhaber • Verena Mitterrutzner • Sebastian Schöndorfer • Wieland Kloimstein

UX Development & Prototyping
Roswitha Wallner • Jan Amann

Wording & Editing
Clemens Stachel • Doris Granegger

Technical Implementation
ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

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