Illustree for A13 min read How service design generates trust and boosts sales

An app that improves service and reduces costs — in just a few short months, the “Mein A1” app became one of the leading sales channels of A1, Austria’s largest mobile communications provider.

The objective

Assist customer support.
And, if possible, reduce costs.

  • Optimize support — transitioning from a cost-intensive hotline to self-service. The idea is that users should be able to solve their own problems.
  • Enhance the service experience — A1 experts have more time to handle any customer problems that are out of the ordinary.
  • Make A1’s brand values experienceable — simple, customer-focused, pioneering.
Our deliverable

A new service app.
Properly positioned, with a clever concept.

The result

An app that builds trust:
In the service, the rates, and the company.

With the new “Mein A1” app, the customers themselves take care of the things call center employees used to do for them. You can check invoices, change your plan, upgrade your device, and purchase attractive services to avoid additional costs.

A1 app detail A1 app detail

How do you create a successful sales app for a mobile carrier?

All mobile communications providers have one problem in common: After the contract is signed, customers stop paying attention to their services. They simply expect the network to work great every day.

That’s why thereafter needs to stage the service as a partnership with the user: And provides information on the company itself.

Build trust in the channel

Relevant, straightforward information about monthly costs, invoices, free minutes.

Phone Symbolic
Phone Symbolic

Intelligent upselling

Individual users are receive appropriate suggestions for upgrades and options.

Enhancing sales

It simplifies the decision to make a purchase right on the phone.

Phone Symbolic
The success
+25 %

Cost savings
The app offers assistance with costs and rates. That means less work for the call center.

+70 %

More upselling thanks to greater trust in the sales channel.

+70 %

Positive brand experience
A working service touchpoint means greater customer satisfaction.

Content in the right format

Compact, emotional, content presented in magazine quality — professional layout uses the strengths of publishing on the Windows Phone platform.

A1 App
Customer Opinions

Our customers about us.

Illustree helped us make “Mein A1” the most successful app in A1’s history. We’ve gotten extremely positive feedback, especially about how useful the app is to customers and its design The number of users has increased dramatically.
Portrait of Herbert Schöberl Herbert Schöberl Head of e-Care A1 Telekom Austria AG
The Illustree team understood exactly what we need. They are so easy to work with and the results are fantastic!
Portrait of Emma Waltner Emma Waltner Product manager A1 Telekom Austria AG
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