Illustree for ÖBB3 min read How we make it easy
to use Austrian rail

Timetable, ticketing and digital travelling companion: With the ÖBB app customers can plan and book their trips as quickly and effortlessly as never before.

The briefing

Mobile Ticketing
completely re-thought

My goal is that a regular customers needs no longer than five seconds to buy a ticket. How you make this happen is totally up to you!
Georg Lauber Member of the board of directors ÖBB Personenverkehr AG
ÖBB app clock
The result

A smart tool for smart customers:
Fast, simple and always up-to-date.

Ticket purchase faster than ever. The timetable as clear as no other. And a travelling companion that always knows which information is currently needed.

Smart tool for smart customers
The success

All expectations have been exceeded

+70 %

more tickets sold through the app just three months after launch

+112 %

mobile tickets tickets sold during the first year

My personal travelling companion

The ÖBB don't let their customers down. For with the ÖBB app each traveller has a digital companion that thinks and learns along with him while en route.

My Startscreen

When opening the ÖBB app, I can see what I need time and time again: My tickets. My trips. My favourite routes.

Phone Symbolic
Phone Symbolic

“Me” and my travelling companions

The ÖBB app remembers with whom I travel - including the reductions. And always offers the most reasonable price.

The 2-Cick-Ticket

Tap “favourite route” on your startscreen, then tap “buy”, that's it. We have made Europe's fastest mobile-ticket come true.

Phone Symbolic

Whoever uses public transport in Austria, needs nothing else.

User experience, product design and positioning in correlation: Our aim was a service design that would transcend the limits of the screen. With the ÖBB app, ÖBB establish themselves even more firmly as modern service providers, while at the same time significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Thinking big. Testing meticulously. Delivering Innovation.

Our mission: An overall concept for a new ÖBB app, which should cover all services around the journey.

Together with our partner moodley brand identity we developed the positioning of the ÖBB app and designed all graphic elements and screens.

The more visionary a concept, the more important its is to have convincing proofs-of-concept: We programmed prototypes, carried through usability-tests with eye-tracking and improved design and workflows in several stages. Thus we secured that the concepts are accepted by the rail customers.

Unique in Europe: The Story of the Undo-Button

The idea: Cancelling a ticket purchase is now very easy for all users: all that is necessary is it needs is one touch of button.

Service design on a new level. This, however, involves a complex process for the ÖBB: Money must be paid back, delivered tickets must be “retrieved” and reservations cancelled. Our client was nevertheless convinced by this idea. For this unique feature proves how ÖBB define customer service in a completely new way: as a sign of authentic good will and real obligation.

ÖBB app user experience undo button</p>
Customer Opinions

Our customers about us.

In Illustree we have found a design partner that lead us to a point, to which we, a(s a) company that has grown over a long period, probably never would have get all alone.
Portrait of Georg Lauber Georg Lauber Member of the board of directors ÖBB Personenverkehr AG
Neat and clean. The first thing you notice is the neat and clean design of the user interface. From the start page, it only takes one tap to get to the schedule, and you can view recently searched routes without re-typing them. Technics-lifestyle magazine CDA Verlags- und Handelsges.m.b.H
Gold Award
from International Institute
for Information Design
IIIDaward IIIDaward 2017 Category Traffic and Public Transports

ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

Overall Lead
David Höller

UX & Concept Lead
Keqiao Xu • Thomas Pfaller • Mike Fuisz

Project Management
Jan Amann • Paul Sommersguter • Christina Kerschner • Birgit Taucher

UX Concept & Design
Jan Amann • Paul Sommersguter • Günther Feldbaumer • Valeria Forlani • Gergö Balla • Barbora Maresova • Alexandra Pexider • Armin Wagner • Thomas Berger • Phil Samhaber • Verena Mitterrutzner • Sebastian Schöndorfer • Wieland Kloimstein

UX Development & Prototyping
Roswitha Wallner • Jan Amann

Wording & Editing
Clemens Stachel • Doris Granegger

Technical Implementation
ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

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