Illustree for CTBTO2 min read How to train atomic weapons inspectors online

How can you make online training so appealing that busy UN diplomats, doctors, and pilots get enthusiastic about learning? And measured progress goes through the roof?

The objective

Perfectly trained atomic inspectors. Through effective online training.

The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization – or CTBTO – is part of the United Nations.

The CTBTO is tasked with monitoring compliance with the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. In an ongoing effort, diplomats, scientists, doctors, and pilots from 177 UN member states are being trained as atomic weapons inspectors.

This training must be extremely effective and reliable.

Our Deliverable

Interactive online training.
From initial concept to finished product.

Our way

Active learning experiences
ensure successful training.

The challenge: the CTBTO is not able to force its target group — very busy people with limited time available for learning — to master all of the material before attending on-site training at the UN's Vienna office.

We had to make the online learning so appealing that inspectors would enjoy using it and do so willingly. Although — or perhaps precisely because — the content is especially complex and highly sensitive.

The Success

E-learning that’s fun to be immersed in.
Which is why it works.

The success is measurable: Thanks to our courses, trainees are far better prepared when they arrive at their final training sessions in Vienna. Consequently, the training the inspectors receive is far better and more effective overall.

+46 %

of the material had been learned by the trainees prior to the start of final training in Vienna before our product was introduced.

+72 %

of the material is what trainees know now. Thanks to our online training.

+56 %

is the improvement that resulted in the learning outcome. Trainees know more now going into their on-site training than their predecessors did upon its completion.

CTBTO online training CTBTO online training
Customer Opinions

Our customers about us.

I can definitely recommend Illustree. The Team has intensively acquainted itself with the subject matter and only then recommended a  method of working. What was important to us: they are good listeners and take our comments seriously. Our wishes, whether outspoken or between the lines, were perfectly understood.
Dr. Mordechai Melamud Chief, Operations & Training Section, On Site Inspections CTBTO

Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

UX & Concept Lead
David Höller • Thomas Pfaller

Project Management
Denny Seiger • Priska Piezcara

UX Concept & Design
Brigitte Sulm • Markus Mundjar

UX Development
Roswitha Wallner • Thomas König • Thomas Profelt

Story & Text
Alex Lipscomb

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