Illustree for ORF3 min read Why a Video full of rules can delight the audience

We didn't know ourselves, how much the audience is actually not allowed to do in a TV-studio. For the ORF we turned a list of rigid rules into contemporary service design.

The Briefing

15 Rules.
And still joy of use?

A rulebook video as entertainment. The production of live TV with an audience in the studio is only possible with spectators who stick to (pretty dull) rules and still enjoy the show without losing any interest in it.


These rules must be clearly communicated by the ORF and accepted by the audience in the studio. Full stop.

ORF rules
The idea

Speaking frankly.
But with humour and respect.

This is where the show begins. Together with comedy writer Gregor Barcal we have produced a short film that does not omit a single rule and yet still doesn't have the doubtful charm of a bossy warden.

Keeping to the appropriate lingo one might say: The film serves as a “warm-up” for the studio audience - a humourous introduction to the experience of live TV. For only when the spectators are in good form does a studio recording become the perfect TV-show.

Our approach

We create an entertaining and appealing mould around the hard facts.

ORF words
The result

2 minutes film. 15 rules.
Followed by applause.

Every time the studio audience shows the same reaction to the new ORF rulebook video: spontaneous applause.

This pleases us. For that's how we know that we've done the job right.

Customer Opinions

Our customers about us.

We were searching for an appealing form for the inevitably dry rules in our TV-studios. Illustree turned out to be the perfect partner, for the cooperation was outstandingly reliable, almost immorally funny - and the final product viciously good!
Portrait of Alexander Raab Alexander Raab Debuty Head of Marketing ORF
The cooperation with Illustree was professional and entertaining at the same time! Rarely have instructions been expressed so charmingly that the audience reacts with enthusiastic applause.
Portrait of Verena Machart Mag. (FH) Verena Machart Product Manager TV ORF

Further products for the ORF
Hitradio Ö3 spots

Cinema trailer for Hitradio Ö3

Quick, witty and ironical: At the cinema premieres sponsored by Hitradio Ö3 a film spot produced by us provides the appropriate setting.

TV-Spot for Hitradio Ö3

Brilliant wit combined with Motion Design.


Hitradio Ö3

Creative Director
Gregor Barcal • David Höller • Thomas Pfaller

Project Management
Priska Piezcara

Design & Motion
Brigitte Sulm • Markus Mundjar

Story & Text
Gregor Barcal

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