Illustree for ÖBB How we simplify the Ticketing by smart App & Web Design

The ÖBB ticketshop is Austria's largest booking portal. We have designed a new version, a relaunch, in order to make bookings even faster, the payment process simpler and to extend the product range.

The Briefing

Extending the product range.
And yet simplifying the ticketing.

The challenge for ÖBB: The extended offer should not to make booking any more complicated. To us this meant: How could booking become even simpler and quicker?


ÖBB wanted to massively extend the product range of their ticketshop, integrating transport associations from seven different federal states.

Map of Austria
The Idea

An app that learns along with its users behavior.
And so supports the customer in the best way.

This app is able to learn: It remembers where its users have travelled, which tickets they usually buy and which reductions they are entitled to. Not only for the users themselves, but also for their fellow-travellers!

This app is able to think: Thanks to geolocation this app knows its users geographical position and offers suitable routes and stops for the journey. Less typing, faster bookings and easier travelling.

Our key:
An app that automatically does the right thing.

For the convenience of its users.


It Starts off with Empathy.

For example Sandra. She is one of the fictional "personas" whom we had in mind when creating the app for ÖBB. A representative user, whose needs became our concern.

ÖBB Verbundintegration Persona Sandra ÖBB Verbundintegration Persona Sandra

Understanding Leads to the Solution.

Our lives are mobile. Taking Sandra as an example, we show what applies to most of us: She generally uses the same routes, which aren't too many. Quick access to her favourite ones makes the purchase of a ticket a lot simpler.

ÖBB Verbundintegration Persona Sandra travel
ÖBB Verbundintegration Phone Startscreen
ÖBB Verbundintegration Persona Sandra travel
ÖBB Verbundintegration Phone Startscreen

Design by Algorithm.

An intelligent app for smart users. It is a central idea of our design concept: Immediately after opening the app, the tickets most likely needed are offered to the user on the startscreen.

An Adaptive Algorithm

Underlying the intelligent app design we have developed an algorithm which feeds from geolocation and purchasing history data. Thus the user is provided with tailored ticket offers. A state-of-the-art service for ÖBB customers: The app that adapts to the user.

Illustree algorithm for ÖBB

An Operable Prototype

In the course of the design process we supplied ÖBB with an interactive hi-fi prototype of the app: It proved the operability of the algorithm and allowed for usability tests directly on the smartphone. And it convinced the decision-makers.

Illustree prototype for ÖBB Verbundintegration
The result

Innovation that is not immediately visible.
But instantly noticeable.

Travelling with public transport becomes easier. Powered by a design that focuses on User Experience.

Users of the ticketshop benefit as follows:

  • Ticket purchasing is considerably faster
  • Less typing necessary
  • Easier payment
  • 7 federal states are currently integrated
Map of austria colored by ÖBB Verbundintegration mobile app colors
ÖBB Verbundintegration mobile app menü

ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

Overall Lead
David Höller

UX & Concept Lead
Keqiao Xu • Thomas Pfaller • Mike Fuisz

Project Management
Jan Amann • Paul Sommersguter • Christina Kerschner • Birgit Taucher

UX Concept & Design
Jan Amann • Paul Sommersguter • Günther Feldbaumer • Valeria Forlani • Gergö Balla • Barbora Maresova • Alexandra Pexider • Armin Wagner • Thomas Berger • Phil Samhaber • Verena Mitterrutzner • Sebastian Schöndorfer • Wieland Kloimstein

UX Development & Prototyping
Roswitha Wallner • Jan Amann

Wording & Editing
Clemens Stachel • Doris Granegger

Technical Implementation
ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

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