Illustree for Superfund3 min read How we bring new customers to the financial sector

For Superfund we have developed and designed a number of interactive touchpoints, multitouch-solutions and kiosks. With the Portfolio-Simulator users playfully explore the essential dynamics in the complex investment business - and are invited to actively participate.

The challenge

Delighting new customers.
Inspite of a complex subject matter.

Crossing the threshold. The investment business is a mystery to many people - for the rules seem inscrutable and far too complicated. New customers can only be won after they have gained a decent insight into the business - and thus have developed their own intuitive sense for the financial market.

The idea

Getting in touch.
Getting involved.

Discover the financial world. To make it easier for people to enter the complex world of financial assets, they have to become players themselves. For this purpose we have developed the Portfolio-Simulator, on which users have tokens to compile a diversified financial portfolio. The intelligent, interactive multitouch-screen gives comprehensible answers to simple questions.

This is how interactive consulting works.
This is how the multitouch-screen works.

How is a diversified financial portfolio compiled? This way users without any previous knowledge in financial matters receive clear answers:

  1. 1

    Setting the tokens

    Users invest their money in various forms - e.g. in stocks and shares, in gold, in property. Each token represents a particular investment form. A portfolio has been created.

  2. 2

    Turning the tokens

    In order to alter the percentage shares. Then Superfund products are added to the portfolio.

  3. 3

    Following the effects

    Users see immediately, which of their activities are fruitful, which too risky and what a diversification of their portfolio can mean to their assets.

Illustree Superfund multitouch
The result

One Product.
Several touchpoints.

Multichanneling. As final product we have developed an exhibition course. It invites the visitors to gain background knowledge about the financial market - and to enter virtually the investment business.

On several physical and digital touchpoints users get a completely new grasp of a merely seemingly dry subject matter. As the joy of using the touchpoints grows, the understanding of the interrellations on the financial market increases too.

The touchpoints of the exhibition course combine information design, motion design and interactive storytelling. Essential with all this is the physical act of touching, getting involved and decision making.

Portfolio Simulator

How do I compile a profitable portfolio of assets? For trade fairs and roadshows we have designed the portfolio-simulator as a kiosk, featuring an interactive gameboard screen as attractive touchpoint. The visitors move blocks of shares in form of tokens over the screen and the simulator calculates the effects of each decision, even the slightest alteration.

The ÖBB App

Web Application

The online portfolio-simulator for the browser.

Mac Book Infoscreens on the Train


An interactive screen supplies background information on the most important commodities (as e.g. raw materials, gold, sugar etc.) that are traded on the stock exchanges.

öbb ticketing machine

What is connected?

Another interactive multitouch-screen allows the users to experience which investments on the stock exchange correlate and which don't. In which forms are assets safe even in times of crises?


A History of the Financial Markets

The users shift infoscreens along a historical “temperature curve” and thus travel through the eventful history of the worldwide financial market with all its ups and downs.

Onboard Portal
Customer Opinions

Our customers about us.

A great marketing tool! For our success we must communicate clearly that diversification is an important factor in financial investment. Illustree's portfolio-simulator is the ideal support for our consultants.
Portrait of Helmut Spitzer Helmut Spitzer Managing Director Superfund Asset Management GmbH
Very effective! Thanks to Illustree's portfolio-simulator we succeed in raising many more new investors' interest for our products.
Mag. Rene Danzinger Managing Director Superfund Marketing GmbH
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